Mineral Enhanced Essential Oils

Discover the perfect blend to unlock better natural results.

A growing need for a simple solution

We live in a world with more chemicals, toxins, and sickness than ever before. We need real solutions that work WITH our bodies and support our body’s natural ability to rest, heal, recover, and energize.

There are many options for natural health:  minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids, bone & joint supporting nutrients, herbal products, and many more. But where should we begin?

Essential Oils – An ancient remedy for modern health

Long used in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda (from India), and Native American therapies. 

Essential oils tend to be the most concentrated forms of herbs. 

Using only a few drops can have a big impact.

A New Frontier – Mineral Enhanced Essential Oils

By combining essential oils with essential minerals, we help balance the nutrients in our bodies. This improved balance helps to properly signal functions like a healthy immune response or a healthy response to pain and inflammation. It can also support biological systems that may simply be under-performing.

What They're Saying

"I love this!!! I started using the Bio Balance 2 last week and have noticed a huge difference in my appetite, bowel movements and weight loss.I apply it twice daily on my belly button. Thank you, thank you, thank you...I am so excited to purchase this for my clients!"

Carol N



"I have a very sensitive mouth and trouble with plaque. I absolutely hate going to the dentist so I do everything I can to take care of my teeth naturally. The Clean Smile Tooth Powder is my absolute favorite and I refuse to even travel without it! It leaves my mouth feeling so fresh and clean and has reduced my plaque issues and made my teeth and gums less sensitive. I now look forward to brushing my teeth because of how good they feel using Clean Smile!!"

Sue K


"Organ Balance is one of my favorite oils! It always makes me feel better emotionally and physically. It has a calming and soothing effect for me and also helps to reduce any discomfort I may be feeling in my muscles and joints. It also helps me feel more mentally grounded. Plus I absolutely love the aroma!" 

Sally R


Meet Our Experts and Formulators

Leianne King

Certified Aromatherapist, Instructor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Founder Applied Aromatic Institute

Kent King

Expert in Agriculture and Psychology, Natural health product formulator, Creator of the Bio Balance System

Bio Balance Program

During his work with our essential oils expert, Leiann King, our product formulator, Kent King, stumbled upon an amazing truth. Essential oils can be enhanced with minerals for even better results.

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