About Us

Natural Health Rewards (NHR) was created to be a rewarding marketplace of holistic health products that can assist you in transforming your health! Here at NHR you'll find: 

  • Unique products from a variety of passionate Product Formulators and Educators. You can learn more about our Formulators and Educators by reading their individual stories below!
  • Earn free product credits on your own purchases, for leaving a review, referring friends, and more! 
  • A focus on integrity, quality, and results. If you don't love a product, we won't carry it. If we wouldn't personally use and recommend it for ourselves or our family, you won't find it at NHR. 

Kings Apothecary Consumer Approved

The “Kings Apothecary Consumer Approved” mark only goes on the oils and blends that have been tested by Leiann King and her graduates. The seal ensures that the essential oil or blend has passed strict quality standards and passed thorough rigorous testing and customer approval. You loving our products and the results you get from them is our #1 priority!

Formulators and Educators

Leiann King

Leiann King is an amazing pioneer in the world of essential oils. She has many different certifications combined with the real-life experience from personal and family health issues.  Leiann’s pursuit to learn and educate others has led to a number of accolades including:

  • Internationally Certified Aromatherapist and Instructor
  • Certified Master Herbalist
  • Certified Iridologist
  • Graduate of the Raw Food Teacher Training Course
  • Author of 2 books on Aromatherapy
  • Founder of and Master Teacher at Applied Aromatic Institute

Kent King

Kent's degrees in agriculture and psychology have led to a passion for developing products that really work and educating others on improving their own health. Kent uses a unique combination of scientific and real-world experience to envision and formulate products that really work.

  • Expert in Agriculture and Psychology
  • Natural Health Product Formulator
  • Creator of Mineral Enhanced Oils and the Bio Balance System

John DeHart

John DeHart founded and formulated our NitroKeto product line. A former All-Big ten wrestler, at age 50, John found himself with prediabetes, high blood pressure, a frightening lipid profile, and being over 50 lbs. overweight.

“Clearly, the “Eat Less, Exercise More” mantra along with the USDA’s food guidelines were not working for me; I was a heart attack waiting to happen.” An avid traveler and business lecturer, John found himself lecturing in Japan when the question was posed to him, Why are Americans so fat? “The question completely stumped me, I didn’t know, but I resolved to find out why so many Americans are overweight.”