Mineral Enhanced Essential Oils

Beyond Fight or Flight

To understand the power of essential oils, we can look at how God or Mother Nature designed our bodies to work. Many of us have heard that when your adrenaline spikes, there is a “fight or flight” reaction. This reaction helps us to respond to extremely dangerous circumstances.
However, in nature, we actually see 4 different types of responses to negative circumstances or stimuli. Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Faint.

Freeze - Deer in Headlights

Freeze is the reaction of a deer to the headlight of an oncoming car. It does not fight or flee. It’s first reaction is to FREEZE despite the danger of getting hit. When we “freeze”, the results show up as confusion or brain fog, or even lockjaw or a joint that “freezes up.” When this happens, it may take extra work to “unfreeze” the locked area of the body. This extra work can be compared to flashing your headlights at a deer in an attempt to snap it out of its daze so that it will move.

Faint - Playing Possum

The possum is famous as an animal that “plays dead” or “faints” in the face of danger. But the “faint” response isn’t just an act – it can literally be fainting. This response can show up as blood sugar issues or low blood pressure.  But too often it is a “switching off” of some mechanism or organ of the body. This happens because the body isn’t able to properly deal with the stressor at the time it occurs. This can be a reason for why cysts develop in the body or people have major organ dysfunction.  And, like the FREEZE response, it can take something extra such as a heart defibrillator to help wake up reactions or organs in the body that are in "faint" mode and not working properly. 

Our New Frontier in Essential Oils

In helping our bodies to properly signal not only an immune response, or a response to pain and inflammation, but also to try and “awaken” biological functions that may have frozen, fainted, or simply be under-preforming, essential oils hold a lot of promise.  

However, one long overlooked function of essential oils is their ability to also function as a CATALYST to help balance nutrients - especially their ability to balance essential minerals in the body.

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and silicon have often been referred to as the “building blocks” of our body’s hard tissue which includes things like bones and cartilage.  But these minerals are also important signaling nutrients that can be used as electrolytes, used in our immune system, cardiovascular system, and much more.  

There are times that key minerals can become imbalanced and lead to “chemical imbalances” in the body, particularly in the brain. These imbalances can leave us functioning at less than our biological potential.  This can happen even when we have the minerals in our bodies if the mechanisms to use these minerals are not working properly.  These imbalances can also be from a lack of co-factor nutrients or unhealthy or imbalanced conditions in the body.

Our Mineral Enhanced Essential Oils Blends are designed to help naturally support the balance of key nutrients with the goal of helping to restore our bodies’ natural mineral and chemical balances.

A Catalyst for Bio Balancing - Mineral Enhanced Oils

Fortunately, during his research, Kent King stumbled upon this truth.  Essential oils can be enhanced with minerals in an effort to help the body balance these essential minerals.  Going deeper into the science of oils, Kent was able to determine which specific essential oils would help catalyze specific minerals in the body. 

The result was the creation of two incredibly unique product offerings. First, each of our essential oil blends has been enhanced with essential minerals. Secondly, this research resulted in a new and unique line of essential oil blends that we call the BIO BALANCE blends. These blends are designed to help naturally support the balance of key nutrients with the end goal of helping to restore our body’s natural mineral and chemical balances.