Cake Batter Ketone Shake

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Keto Shake Cake Batter is the perfect ketogenic meal or Pre/Post Workout snack, boasting a creamy indulgent vanilla taste that people love.

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Ketone Shake (The Best Tasting Shake Ever!)

 16 Servings – 20g Fat | 9g Protein | 2g Carbs

Introducing the world’s first Low Carb High Fat Ketone shake! The NitroKeto Ketone Shake has the perfect ketogenic ratios that will support your ability to maintain nutritional ketosis or simply enjoy a nourishing shake! With 20 grams of fat (from 3 different sources), 9 grams of protein and 2 grams of carbs, the Keto Shake Cake Batter makes the perfect ketogenic meal or a Pre/Post Workout snack. The Cake Batter Shake tastes fantastic and will leave you satiated for hours.

Ketogenic diets obtain approximately 75% of calories from fat, with another 20% from proteins and 5% from carbohydrates. Keto Shake Cake Batter helps maintain these high fat, medium protein and low carb ratios to support keeping the body in fat-burning ketosis. Keto Shake Cake Batter has a creamy, indulgent vanilla taste that people love.

Keto Shake Cake Batter is designed to be a meal replacement shake and includes 16 servings.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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31 reviews for Cake Batter Ketone Shake

  1. Britne A.

    great flavor not chalky!

  2. Bonnie S.

    This the best tasting shake I ever tasted. I have it every morning. Will for sure keep buying

  3. Jennifer B.

    Quick and easy to mix while I’m running out the door. Keeps me full for at least 4 hours and actually tastes good!

  4. Susan O.

    The best tasting keto drink ever 😋

  5. Michael F.

    I have tried many brands of shakes, NutriKeto is absolutely the best ever shake, taste amazing and keeps me satisfied for hours. I’ve tried cake batter, egg nog orange cream. Simply Amazing!

  6. Noah

    I just opened my pouch and the powder was very thick and will not mix even if I use a blender. In comparison the eggnog that I just finished was looser and mixed easily with just a shaker bottle. Now I am drinking water with a slight flavor with chunks of mix.

  7. Lita L.

    I love the taste! This shake keeps hunger away!

  8. Julie B.

    I am enjoying these shakes and will continue to buy more

  9. Carol J Simmers

    I did not like the shakes! They left an awful aftertaste and were very gritty. I did feel fully satisfied and was still hungry after I drank the shakes.

  10. Tonya S.

    Vanilla Cake Batter is my new FAV!!

  11. Jennifer M.

    I ordered your Vanilla Birthday Cake shake mix and when it arrived it was the consistency of play doh. I sent several emails and left Facebook messages and finally received an email from Cody that was not very apologetic at all. He told me that a new package was on its way to me. It has been over a month and I still haven’t received it.
    The shakes are ok, but the customer service is horrendous and their follow-up even worse.
    I would never do business with a company that is satisified with being bad at taking care of me.
    I am reversing the charges on my credit card because they did not deliver what I ordered and they refuse to communicate with me and make it right. It is waaay too expensive to treat their customer base this way.

  12. Sierra B.

    Honestly very good. I’ve been having a shake for lunch pretty much every day for a month. I alternate between the vanilla and chocolate. Both have a slight, pleasant cinnamony taste that I noticed at first but not so much anymore. Definitely helped me lose 14 pounds so far!

  13. Jennifer M.

    I mix with 8oz. of water and it tastes amazing!!! The reason I deducted a star is because it’s very pricey for the amount you recieve(Even if you did get the 16 servings it says) it’s messy and annoying to try to close the pouch because the product gets in the seal. That being said did I tell you how amazing it tastes!! The great taste means it effortless to consume and I’ve even looked forward to having my shake at times. Oh yeah it certainly curbs my appetite for a few hours as well. I will definitely keep buying for now.

  14. Lisa P.

    None of the grit from yours usual protein shakes. This really does taste good. I use it as a base for my smoothie just add berries or have it plain. Either way this really tastes good and is good for you!!

  15. Barb K.


    THANK YOU!!!!

  16. Doris P.

    The best meal replacement shake I’ve tasted so far. I ask drink it when I have a sweet tooth! It’s yummy!

  17. Michelle R.

    I absolutely love this shake mix. Not o ky does it taste like dessert, but it keeps me full till dinner!

  18. Michelle Jasek

    This tasted fine, but I enjoy the other keto shake products I’ve tried much better. Made as instructed, it’s weak, watery, and doesn’t satiate me very long. Could add heavy cream or oil to make it more substantial, but it’s not worth it in my opinion.

  19. Laura K.

    OK, taste is good but it doesn’t dissolve very well and ends up pretty watery. I’ll use it for emergency, but would much rather eat my nutrients.

  20. Roslyn G.

    I really enjoyed the vanilla flavored. I mixed a little bit of it fruit with my almond milk, and I had a wonderful smoothie. I was quite satisfied for some time.

  21. Mariel M.

    This shake doesn’t even need milk. I just do the scoop that comes with it and 8 ounces of water. It’s delicious. Very happy with it!

  22. Theresa C.

    It’s not like any other shakes I’ve had!!!! LOVE IT. I add 1 pump of sugar free cake batter syrup and it’s the best!!!!!

  23. Peggy C.

    Good. Tastes good. Hard to mix.

  24. Eliran Z.

    It is too sweet to her opinion.
    Personally I love sweet so it is ok

  25. Stephene D.

    Very good flavor.

  26. Tori P.

    I have tried several different keto shakes and this is by far the best tasting shake! Mixes well and doesn’t leave an after taste.

  27. Laura Luke

    Delicious with almond milk and a few ice cubes and a little bit of fruit like strawberries

  28. Dawn Bertelsen

    I really find the eggnog shake satisfying. I like it in between meals. It made me feel full till dinner time!

  29. Joann G.

    It’s one of my favorite!

  30. Virginia B.

    As usual it’s delicious. Have it every morning for my breakfast. Thanks for the healthy food. Ginny

  31. Leah L.

    I have tried quite a few different keto shake brands, this one is hands down the best tasting to me. Had a hiccup with my order and shipping took longer than expected but NK fixed it.

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