Huckleberry Ketone Shake

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Keto Shake Huckleberry is the perfect ketogenic meal or Pre/Post Workout snack, boasting a creamy indulgent berry taste that people love. Try a Sample Here

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Ketone Shake (The Best Tasting Shake Ever!)

16 Servings – 20g Fat | 9g Protein | 4g Carbs

Introducing the world’s first Low Carb High Fat Ketone shake! The NitroKeto Ketone Shake has the perfect ketogenic ratios that will support your ability to maintain nutritional ketosis or simply enjoy a nourishing shake! With 20 grams of fat (from 3 different sources), 9 grams of protein and 4 grams of carbs, the Keto Shake Huckleberry makes the perfect ketogenic meal or a Pre/Post Workout snack. Available in 4 flavors, Gourmet Dutch Chocolate, Cake Batter, Eggnog, and Huckleberry, the Ketone Shake tastes fantastic and will leave you satiated for hours.

Ketogenic diets obtain approximately 75% of calories from fat, with another 20% from proteins and 5% from carbohydrates. Keto Shake Huckleberry helps maintain these high fat, medium protein and low carb ratios to support keeping the body in fat-burning ketosis. Keto Shake Huckleberry has a creamy, indulgent berry taste that people love.

Keto Shake Huckleberry is designed to be a meal replacement shake and includes 16 servings.

Try a Sample Here

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22 reviews for Huckleberry Ketone Shake

  1. Barbara K.

    Loved it can’t believe the taste

  2. Rebecca R.

    It was good but would have liked a little stronger berry flavor

  3. Denise D.

    I love the Huckleberry flavor of the sample that I received.
    However, I didn’t care for the texture. It was grainy.

  4. Stephene D.

    I love this shake. It is such a different flavor than any of the other” Keto Brands” offer. The only thing you could do better is give it (and all your other flavors) is a thicker texture, so it seems more like a real shake.

  5. Octavia W.

    Out of all the flavors in the shakes this was the best tasting one, I could drink it everyday.

  6. Stephanie M.

    Great taste no yucky aftertaste awesome snack will buy more.

  7. Deborah H.

    I love huckleberry. CAN’T get enough huckleberry.

  8. Kimberly M.

    The Huckleberry is definitely my favorite, will be ordering this again real soon.

  9. Shaunika H.

    This shake was amazing! I added some almond milk and banana and it was so delicious! Great job on this flavor!

  10. Denise T.

    This item was delicious. If you’re looking for a good berry flavor this is it I give it 10 out 10. !

  11. Tina C.

    Definitely going to order more

  12. Amy M.

    It tasted amazing, delicious flavor , put in coconut:almond milk and I also added nana one time. So good

  13. Samantha O.

    Delicious!!!! That is my new go to flavor!

  14. Brianne P.

    I loved the huckleberry and will definitely be purchasing more.

  15. Laina P.

    this is something I use for when I’m going to be on the bike for 2 hours but don’t want to (or have time to) eat breakfast. I like it because it is low carb and not too much protein and it tastes great!

  16. Ellie L.

    The NitroKeto Huckleberry protein shake is the best keto shake that I have ever tasted and I have tasted a lot of them from other companies! I would highly recommend you try it NOW! You are going to fall in love with NitroKeto Huckleberry. Decadent and delicious.

  17. Denise P.

    It was very pleasant in taste and was not chalky like some other brands are. It kept me full . And was very easy to prepare.

  18. Coral S.

    Love the flavor but it is expensive!

  19. Mallory

    To be honest I didn’t think I would like this. Then I tried it and to me it was great the right amount of cream to berry ratio taste. I’ve bought sample packs from a million companies so I decide which brand and flavors I liked. This is one I came back for!

  20. Shirley D.

    Orange and huckleberryshakes

  21. Joann G.

    Love this shake!

  22. Holly W.

    Tasty!! Flavors are spot on. Perfect balance

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