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Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla

(33 customer reviews)

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Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla is a delicious blend of organic coffee that is bold and satisfying.  It’s a great way to jump start your day or your daily workout and will help to keep you full and satiated for hours. Try a Sample Here

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Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla (The Evolution of BP Coffee)

28 Servings – 11g Fat | 1g Protein | 3g Carbs

You’ve probably tried Bullet Proof Coffee- now experience it’s evolution, Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla!  A delicious blend of Organic Fair Trade Columbian Coffee, Coconut Cream and just a hint of Natural Vanilla, Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla is bold and satisfying. It’s a great way to jump start your day or your daily workout and promises to keep you full and satiated for hours.

  • Maintains proper ketogenic macros
  • Keeps you full and satiated for hours
  • A creamy instant coffee that tastes delicious cold or hot
  • Great for intermittent  fasting
  • Helps you stay energized while boosting metabolism

For less than an average cup of coffee, Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla offers many health-promoting benefits including improved physical and mental energy while lowering hunger and cravings. 

Try a Sample Here

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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33 reviews for Keto Cappuccino French Vanilla

  1. Terri F.

    I have never been a Cappachino fan. I was dedicated to Dunkin donuts, but starting Keto of course I will not ae to have DD. I went weeks without my DD until I came across NK. OMG I have never been more satisfied. You have a new customer. Its my new favorite.

  2. Kathy Houston

    I just want to say thank you for such a great product. No matter how I made my coffee in the morning, it wasn’t that good and it didn’t help with hunger. One cup of this and not only was it the best tasting ever, here it is 4 hrs later and I’m still not hungry and I haven’t eaten in 20 hrs!! I’m ordering a bunch this week so I’ll never be out. Thank You!!!!!

  3. Terri F.

    I Love everything about this coffee. Being on Keto i went 2 months without my coffee then I found this. Thank u. It gives me everything I need and missed. The best out.

  4. Lianne A.

    They are both wonderful. I like to take it and mix it with my coffee in morning and then mix it will Almond milk in the pm. It is really good.

  5. Lita L.

    I don’t drink coffee anymore because I enjoy this in the morning instead!

  6. Jamie V.

    This was really tasty. I was skeptical of having an instant type of coffee, but it was really good, and keto friendly.

  7. Karen W.

    Lovely product!
    A great mid day pick me up.

  8. Debby E.

    Makes for an AMAZING MORNING, or anytime of day. I Love NitroKeto anytime of day!!

  9. Cheryl C.

    Vanilla Coconut Cream is my favorite!

  10. Alpha Y.

    I love mornings and drinking my Keto Cappuccino Vanilla Coconut Cream ….one othe best i have tasted!!!

  11. Debra S.

    Love, love, love this. It is the very best!

  12. Edie K.

    I tell all my friends about it I have 2-4 people buying it now my girlfriends loves it! I do wish you would just have a coffee flavor not cappuccino
    Plain coffee.

  13. Michelle Jasek

    I really disliked the taste of this. It left a terrible aftertaste that brushing my teeth didn’t even knock out.

  14. Taylor Nelson

    It mixed up great with hot water in the blender bottle. It tastes just okay. It has a weird fake sweetener aftertaste.

  15. Blair A.

    Very fulfilling and taste is really great

  16. Rosemary B.

    I bought the sample pack of NK products and fell in love with the Cappuccino Vanilla Coconut Cream. I have since ordered three more bags. I prefer the NK Cappuccino over Starbucks, which is saying a lot for me!

  17. Terri F.

    I’ve started this cappuccino over a year ago when I was on Keto. Although I’m not on Keto any longer I still choose to only drink this coffee. I’ve giving up Dunkin donuts which I drank everyday. By far the BEST out.

  18. Jean P.

    I really like it. I would love a chocolate mocha cappuccino as well.

  19. Christie R.

    Although I love this flavor, the salted caramel is my favorite flavor. French vanilla is creamy and delicious.

  20. holly w.

    It’s the best! I use it everyday!

  21. Meghan W.

    I love my keto cappuccino! This is my 4th time ordering and I’m ready for a new bag. I have enjoyed all of the flavors so far. I love the ease of making a quick cup during busy mornings:)

  22. Tanya B.

    Always great for breakfast.

  23. Erika G.

    Although the flavor was spot on, I didn’t realize your products have milk in them. I’m lactose intolerant and it didn’t end well. Please come out with something dairy free, because the flavor is all there!

  24. Michelle S.

    Haven’t used yet… Still working on finishing the coconut cream. But came fast in the mail!

  25. Madonna

    I have been drinking one 10 oz cup of this hot every morning for the last 2 months and I had blood work done at my Dr a week ago and my numbers for my A1C are great and my cholesterol numbers are better also, I feel better and have more energy and sleep better

  26. Madonna M.

    I like the taste and it fits my morning ritual, it’s like a meal for me, I would like it more if it weren’t so expensive

  27. Erica S.

    I drink one, maybe two, every day. I love mine iced. I add a TBS of sugar free sweetener. It dissolves in a shaker cup with warm or room temperature water without needing to use a blender.

  28. Virginia E.

    Love this cappuccino! Every morning wake up!

  29. Sarah P.

    I was so glad I tried the combo pack! I fell in love with the french vanilla flavor! Just make sure you tap packet down good before you open, so you don’t lose any of the good stuff on the inside!

  30. Leslie C.

    Very fast and product is very good

  31. Mark I.

    Great product and love the fast shipping.

  32. Brenda L.

    French vanilla cappuccino It is very refreshing I love it a lot I’ve ordered it more than once and I will order it again I love your products

  33. Dawn A.

    Absolutely love ketocappucino! Only “coffee” I drink. I like all the flavors but French vanilla is my favorite!

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