The Story of NitroKeto

March 27

John DeHart founded NitroKeto. A former All-Big ten wrestler, at age 50, John found himself with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, a frightening lipid profile, and being over 50 lbs. overweight.*


“Clearly, the “Eat Less, Exercise More” mantra along with the USDA’s food guidelines were not working for me; I was a heart attack waiting to happen.” An avid traveler and business lecturer, John found himself lecturing in Japan when the question was posed to him, Why are Americans so fat? “The question completely stumped me. I didn’t know, but I resolved to find out why so many Americans are overweight.”

What I found at first shocked me….I thought this couldn’t be true. Later it made me angry as I concluded that the food policy of the United States of America has very little to do with your health or my health. Instead, it seems to be about the health of multi-national corporations!

“Specifically, I found that weight loss has much less to do with calories in, calories out and much more to do with your hormones, specifically your body’s largest hormone, insulin. What I came to understand was that I like most people, had become carbohydrate intolerant. My body wasn’t processing carbohydrates well anymore, and as a result eating carbohydrates was wreaking havoc on my health. Most people understand the term gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant. If you suffer from this, the answer is don’t eat gluten or dairy. The term carbohydrate intolerance, however, is something new to most people. Once I dramatically cut my carbohydrates and increased my fat intake, I became Keto Adapted. Instead of burning glucose for energy, I began burning Ketones.  I felt AMAZING. The weight melted off (over 50 lbs.), and I became Evangelical about spreading the good news! For me personally, I had found a simple answer through a NK or Nutritional Ketosis diet and exercise program that was helping me with my weight and supporting my body's ability to have healthier blood sugar levels. Based on the research I had done, I felt that this Low Carb/High Fat lifestyle and diet along with exercise could benefit many other metabolic-related challenges that are common to Americans.*


A couple of months into a ketogenic lifestyle and exercise, I realized that my keto-adapted friends and I were pioneering a health revolution that would sweep the country. I also realized that most people would spend less than the thousands of hours researching Nutritional Ketosis that I had. If we were going to make a true difference, we needed to make Nutritional Ketosis simple and easy. We also needed to produce support products to assist people in their transition from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Additionally, we wanted to create a community where Keto Adaption and optimal performance are the norms. A community that supports those on a Nutritional Ketosis journey, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned veteran.


NitroKeto or NK is dedicated to sharing the benefits of Nutritional Ketosis. This movement is redefining human performance and addressing the deficiencies of the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is increasingly linked to a myriad of health concerns caused by metabolic related challenges.*

NitroKeto is committed to providing Real World Solutions for Sustainable Weight Loss to stem the tide of obesity and metabolic related health challenges. In a world of GMO and processed “Franken Foods,” NK is committed to providing only “Real Food Products,” not food-like substances, as well as training people on how to turn their bodies into “Fat Burning Machine.”

NitroKeto proudly supports the emerging science of Ketogenics and the Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. As a leader in the Ketogenic movement, NK is dedicated to helping individuals become Keto Adapted. Although ketosis is not new, this movement is a quantum leap forward in the evolution of health and human performance.


Our vision is to help people fully discover the physical and mental benefits of becoming “Keto Adapted” through Nutritional Ketosis. Everyone deserves to look, feel and perform their very best. NK will show you how to upgrade your body and mind using the proven science of Nutritional Ketosis. Our products and ground-breaking, sustainable weight loss protocol will almost immediately give someone access to mental clarity, reduced inflammation, better focus and energy, and a significant reduction in sugar cravings.*

Our protocols are not “Theory”; they are based on the experiences of hundreds of people like you who decided to take control of their physical, spiritual, and mental health through Nutritional Ketosis. Keto Adaption is the way to optimal health and peak performance & NitroKeto exists to help you flourish on your journey.


We educate people about the numerous physical and mental benefits of (NK), Nutritional Ketosis. Every person is different, and Keto Adapting through Nutritional Ketosis will vary depending on one’s level of metabolic health or lack of it. Effective Keto Adaptation will require a working knowledge of the process, self-experimentation, and the willingness to question everything you’ve ever believed to be true about nutrition. Let’s restate that again: you must question ALMOST EVERYTHING you’ve come to accept and believe to be true about the USDA dietary guidelines and what your body needs for optimal health and peak performance. Nutritional Ketosis may be a new dietary paradigm for you, but to be clear, it is not a fad or a gimmicky diet; it is an emerging field in optimal human performance, and supporting scientific evidence is mounting to support this bold statement!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your personal physician or other medical professional prior to starting, stopping, or adjusting any medications or starting any diet, exercise, or nutritional supplement program.
The NitroKeto plan for nutritional ketosis is a comprehensive system promoting an active ketogenic lifestyle, which includes meal replacement products and nutritional supplements along with dietary and exercise guidance. The average weight loss expectation is approximately 1-2 lbs. per week, up to 15 lbs. total. Any weight loss in excess of these amounts, although not uncommon, should not be considered as typical, and would require exceptional circumstances and or efforts. Individual results can and will vary dependent upon many factors.

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