May 13

Leiann, why did you start your journey of health, herbal, and essential oils?


“When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in doctors’ offices, not for anything very serious, but if something contagious was going around, it seemed as if I always caught it. Shots, doctor visits, and many missed school days were my “normal.”

Years later I married my husband Kent, a farmer and college student with a double-major degree in agriculture and psychology.  We had two adorable little girls.

Unfortunately, my daughters seemed to be following after me when it came to health problems. My cow-milking/student husband did not have the income to pay for children’s visits to a doctor so the over-the-counter-section of the grocery store became my self-prescribed pharmacy. Some of these remedies seemed to help with symptoms, but my girls always seemed to have something ailing them. Often, we all suffered when side effects from meds made them groggy, whiney, or hyper—bouncing off the walls, and began interfering with their digestion, causing tummy aches and constipation.

I did not know how to get off that constant merry-go-round!


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