May 12

You have pioneered something new and amazing in the essential oils field– Mineral Enhanced Oils. What is your goal with your new frontier of Mineral Enhanced Oils?


True science needs to be more than a THEORY, it needs to produce RESULTS.  We want people to FEEL BETTER and get real help with the issues that they are facing.

We learned this on the farm with the animals, and the same held true when working with blends.  Regardless of the intention, the real question is how well do they produce RESULTS with real problems in real life situations?

This is why I have always been emphatic about people trying the blends – oftentimes in multiple versions – to see which blends produce the best results.  I would develop five to 10 versions of every oil blend, and ask Leiann, our kids, and, in Leiann’s words, “practically everyone whoever came through the door” to test their responses.  My teenage kids sometimes complained that their friends were getting “hit by a drive-by of oils,” and asked me to “ask first, oil-ize later.”  But the results were that we would soon know which theories would actually get the best results in real life.

As I have already mentioned, it the RESULTS that have always been my passion.  Whether in crops, animals, and especially in people – we want to help people get the best results.  So the goal in blending oils is to put different oils together that would create a synergy, where together they would function better than using the individual oils separately.  But I realized while doing this, that there are other components that also could have a very interesting synergistic effect – specifically MINERALS.  Essential oils have a relatively unknown ability to be catalysts for minerals within our body.  So what if we designed essential oils blends to capitalize on this ability?  Not only were we able to develop blends specifically designed to help spark mineral balancing within the body, but we found that actually combining these blends with the minerals in the blend itself seemed to speed up and magnify the results that people saw.  And seeing even better results with mineral enhanced oil blends has me more excited than ever about the difference that we can make!


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