Exactly!  The “Kings Apothecary Approved” mark only goes on the oils and blends that have been tested by ...read more

Is it the “Kings Apothecary Approved” mark that certifies that this oil or blend has been positively reviewed by both oils experts and consumers?

Basically, there isn’t one hard and fast rule to addressing these ratios and results.  So in addition to ...read more

Considering all of details involved in the science of formulating essential oils blends, do you have a strategy that you use?

That’s another excellent example.  One aspect of essential oils that is frequently overlooked is their ability to catalyze ...read more

How about joint support? In your blog you have mentioned that the amount of silica in the soil can affect how an essential oil can help with joint flexibility.

Yes, the effect of an essential oils on the immune system is a prime example of a ...read more

What purposes can be affected by these differences? I know that you have spoken about both immune support.

There are several minerals that we know their effect on essential oils that become especially important when ...read more

Do you have specific examples of what characteristics would be affected by specific minerals in the soil?

Sure.  With essential oils, Basil is one example of different minerals in the soil leading to different characteristics ...read more

Can you give us some examples of different soil types or minerals in the soil can affect the characteristics of essential oils?

We have already mentioned the ability of essential oils to be catalysts for minerals.  This is actually what ...read more

What causes the same plant to have different characteristics based on the soil or where it is grown?